Under Attack

Today evening a shooting in the Munich shopping center “OEZ” lead to several dead and injured people. While our thoughts are with the families of this fellow citizens, I am currently sitting in the fire department 4 in Munich for on-call duty.

A week ago an attacker in a Bavarian regional train injured several people and half a year ago the main station was evacuated on Silvester due to a bomb threat. There are so many other crazy things going on in the world if you remember #BlackLivesMatter in the US, the situation of the refugees around the Mediterranean or the terror attacks in France. We tend to realize this madness only when it comes near us, threatens our loved ones and affects our normal life. But it is always there and in this sad times, it is hard to stay confident.

When sitting here with my fellow volunteer firefighters I think of how well-organized police and rescue teams in Munich are – these are the silent heroes behind this tragedies. With the hashtags #opendoor or #offenetür, citizens offer spontaneous shelter for stranded people in the town, which makes me really proud. Although I see many people receiving calls and messages with good wishes from even the most distant friends.

It seems some people try to turn on the light. Thank you.